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Duct Cleaning

Why do so many businesses and homeowners rely on BC Care Heating Services for their professional air duct cleaning? Because our service technicians have the tools, methods and experience to thoroughly clean all varieties of air-handling systems and ductwork.

You take pride in your home. You vacuum the floor, you dust the furniture, you wash the fingerprints off the walls. So where did that ugly black film around the supply air registers come from? It is usually a sign of dirty air ducts. Typical filters will only remove approximately 10 - 15% of the dust in the air. That means that about 85 - 90% of the dirt, dust, pollen, and other air born pollutants will pass through the filter and settle in the air ducts to be blown out into your home. Over time, these airborne pollutants often triggers allergies, asthma, and hay fever symptoms. At any rate it is dust and dirt that was not caught by the filter. You can wash it off but it will come back. Not to mention the fact that clogged air ducts decrease air flow efficiency, causing your heating and air conditioning units to run for longer periods.

So how much dust and dirt can your home's duct system possibly hold? You'd be surprised. The average duct cleaning removes five to six pounds of dust, dirt, debris, pollen and other contaminants. Yes, five to six pounds! BC Care Heating Services' Duct Cleaning Service will help clear your ducts of:

  • Allergens and contaminants, plus even mold and fungus
  • Pet hair
  • Construction materials that over the years may have created a "cold spot" or blockage of airflow.

The Advantages of having your air ducts cleaned periodically?

  • Lower Utility bills
  • Reduction in Cleaning cost
  • Less wear on upholstery, carpets, wall coverings and clothing
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